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Report about our pre-season 2019-20...

最終更新: 2019年11月5日

Hello, everyone!

Today I would like to report how our pre-season went and what I and we as a team did in pre-season. And I also would like to talk about how I feel so far.

I would like to try to write in English to improve my english skills and if you found some mistakes with spelling, grammar, whatever, just tell me and correct it please. And then if you would like me to answer something in Japanese, plese leave some comments below. I'll reply on it in Japanese! Or I would post something similar post to this in Japanese next time so then You can check it out.

Okay so firstly let me talk about friendly games that we had before the first game of bundesisga this season begins.

Here are the resluts of all the frendly games we had. Take a look at it.


9/10 in Germany Rottenbrug

vs Buhl(GRE) 2-2 tie 8th place out of 12 in Budesliga 18-19

9/12 in switzerland Nefels

vs Nefels(SWI) 4-0 win 5th place out of 8 in Swiss league 18-19

9/14 in switzerland schomemwed

vs Buhl(GER) 2-1 win

vs schomemwed(SWI) 2-1 win 3rd place out of 8 in Swiss league 18-19

9/21 in Germany Reutlingen

vs Luzern(SWI) 2-2 tie 4th place out of 8 in Swiss league 18-19

9/22 in Germany Tubingen

vs Nacy(FRA) 2-2 tie 10th place out of 12 in French B league 18-19

vs Frankfurt(GER) 3-0 win 5th place out of 12 in Bundesliga 18-19

9/27 in Beljiam

vs Leuven(BEL) 1-3 loss 5th place out of 10 in Belgian Liga A 18-19

9/28 in Beljiam

vs Achel(BEL) 2-1 win 7th place out of 10 in Belgian Liga A 18-19

vs Waremme(BEL) 2-0 win 6th place out of 10 in Belgian Liga A 18-19

9/29 in Beljiam

vs Leuven(BEL) 1-3 loss

10/4 in Germany Tubingen

vs Nefels(SWI) 3-1 win

10/5 in Germany Buhl

vs Buhl(GRE) 0-4 loss

my opinions about those games is that we as a team had good games.

There has been some games that did not go well but overall, we were able to have good games and good preparration from my point of view.

What was important for me in this preparation priod is that I get to know better the guys in my team and make a good relationship with them.

In order to do this, there must be good communication there.

I sometimes have problem with English and I can not tell very well what I want to tell but all the guys in my team tries to listen well and understand me which is something that I feel happy and I want to appriciate. Thank you all...

And I feel that I have been communicating with them very well on the court and off the court as well. I want to keep doing it and understand and trust even better than now.

Anyway, so far we are doing a good job!!

And our season finally will start on this weekend.

I am very excited playing volleyball with my such great teammates in Bundesliga.

It is CHALLENGING for me and team. And it is not going to be easy for sure.

But we will work hard everyone together and that will be the key to have good battles.

I will make sure to keep giving all I have for the team and let's see if we can make some supprises.


To be able to get a lot of supports from you, I will keep working hard...Thanks Bye!!

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